Bharat & Dorris B&D Cosmetics was established in the year 2005. We take pride in being the first make-up and hairstyling artists in India to have endorsed our own brand of cosmetics and skin care products. Bharat & Dorris Having spent over 25 remarkable years into the profession, we followed our passion and revolutionized the Indian market with our own range of make-up. The brand was started with the aim to offer the finest, professional quality affordable cosmetics. Bharat & Dorris After working with the best brands & celebrities from the film, fashion and modelling industry, we wanted to broaden our horizions, while following the footsteps of our peers.
Perfect Shades


Your road to flawless skin begins here. A curated collection of power-formula foundations, concealers & more!
An array of long-wear blushes, highlighters & creams that blend easy to give you an instant glow!
Blend, apply or dab! Every brush is soft, sturdy and here to do its job to finest!
The B&D body essentials are here to make you feel luminous, subtle and all things good!
Colour intense eyeshadows & liners, combined with water- resistant mascaras & primers are here to change the game!
Where dream turns into reality! The legendary duo are here to enhance the beauty of the bride on her special day!
Discover an oasis of creativity that lies within you, at our academy. Learn and get certified by the best in the industry!

You said about us

By the invaluable


Biagiotti is definitely the place to be when it comes to makeup: You go into the store, and touch it, and try it, and love it. I've never bought anything on the Internet. I like experience

Marc Jacobs

By the invaluable


I would go to cosmetics counters and buy two or three foundations and powders, and then go home and mix them before I came up with something suitable for my undertones.


By the invaluable


I don't work with a glam squad to get me together for the red carpet, I really enjoy the time it takes to do it myself, to choose my clothes and do my own makeup and my own hair.

Dita Von Teese

On-line purchase

Step into the luxurious world of everything B&D, right from the comfort of your home. Shop our entire range of makeup, skincare and much more right here!

In-store Purchase

Experience a whole new dimension in makeup at the Bharat and Dorris Store. Drop by to meet our experts who will guide you to your perfect match!

Cruelty-free Products

We're proud to be a cruelty-free makeup brand. Also, at our production facilities, we make sure a healthy enviorment is maintained for all!

About Us

B&D Cosmetics was established in the year 2005. We take pride in being the first make-up and hairstyling artists in India to have endorsed our own brand of cosmetics and skin care products.

Pioneers in the Industry

20 years back, it was difficult to find cosmetics locally for Indian skin tones, hence there was a heavy dependency on imported products. This encouraged us to invest our creativity and experience into starting B&D, which has now turned into a highly successful brand!


Delivering the best quality with every purchase. At B&D, this attribute lies in the foundation.


Our team works constantly to bring you innovate and novel products in the beauty realm.


Every item is produced carefully, after recurrent testing combined with intense RND.


We went around the globe to bring you only the best! Every product comes from a tried and tested facility that expertises in the production.

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