Organic Products

Our story begins with the founders Mrs. Dorris Godambe  and Mrs. Hilda Rajesh Talreja’s kitchen in the year 2019. Armed with two pots, natural ingredients and a mind full of passion and imaginable thoughts. That’s when The Bharat & Dorris Soap Company was born.

Bharat & Dorris organic soaps company is a family claimed and operated business that offers 100% natural and Organic Soaps that are made ideal here in the India. Utilizing just the most elevated evaluation of ingredients we’ve built up probably the most stunning Organic Soap bars with natural ingredients.

Each soap is made with in at least 99% organic ingredients and no artificial aromas, ingredients or preservatives; Bharat & Dorris Organization is rapidly turning into the go to source for Natural and Organic Soaps.

About Us

Our exquisite Products are made with coconut Extracts, fruit extracts, vegetable emulsifiers and scented with essential oils. There are no SLSs, parabens, petrochemicals or rush hours here.

99% of our products are on the whole natural substance, the other 1% is the binding agent and preservative which makes our body creams to carry on so magnificently.

Our People

We’re one small, happy family at Bharat & Dorris and we want to keep it that way. Our people’s wellbeing is very important to us, so we always do what we can to make work feel less like, well, work. And as much as we love all the nice smells around the office, we regularly swap them for some fresh air and a well-deserved day out.

How we Began!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Dorris Godambe and Hilda Rajesh Talreja must have thought about this when they started their Mumbai and based business, Bharat & Dorris Organic Soaps, dedicated to the creation of gentle, all-natural body care products. The thought of starting Organic soaps and body care products organisation has a lot of research and experience behind making each product by the soul of the company Mrs. Dorris Godambe and Mrs. Hilda Rajesh Talreja. Their passion for natural products led them doing experiments and research to make their own soap and body care products with free from harsh chemicals.

The journey started off making soaps in their own kitchen in a small scale. The initial investment available was just enough for buying the measurement bowls, soap bases and the essential oils.

The Mumbai native knew from the beginning that they wanted to create a soap that was gentle, pure, and free from chemicals and animal products. “There’s no reason for there to be harsh chemicals and animal products in soaps and shampoos,” says Dorris Godambe. These chemicals leach into our body through the skin and over a long term can cause immense harm.

The glycerin in the oils gives the soap its moisturising properties, while fresh herbs and natural essential oils are used for medicinal values and fragrances. Dorris Godambe boasts that most of the ingredients she uses are of edible quality and natural. Her obsession with quality has resulted in Bharat & Dorris Organic soaps having hundreds of loyal customers who swear by our products.

We swear by products as this journey has been started from 2017 when Mr’s Dorris Godambe was diagnosed with Cancer and that’s when she started using organic products in her life whether related to food or even soaps. That’s when she experienced the benefits and and the effect of organic products since then the research and learning books have been never ending.